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Flash Gallery

Flash Gallery is a FREE, simple photo gallery built in Macromedia Flash 2004, that uses XML files to store the information about which images to display. The gallery is easy to configure and update since you need to change only the XML file.

Flash and XML Photo gallery

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These are some of the things that helped me in creating the Flash Photo Gallery the way it is.

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About me

Due to privacy issues I will not reveal my name. Not that it is a big deal knowing who I am but sometime privacy can come in handy.

Lets say I was born in 1982, in a very hot summer day somewhere in Europe. I finished high school as one of the top students, winning many Programming, Math and Science competitions for my school, although I was lazy, didn’t study a lot and considered school as a dark course in the days when I felt sleepy and to damn lazy to get up from my bed.

After that I was offered a few scholarships from some of the most prestigious universities in the region, which I rejected for my own reasons, mostly the lack of personal creative freedom. So I gathered my papers and applied for another prestigious university and I got accepted as a full time student. There I studied for 4 years, but I haven’t taken my final exam to get my bachelors degree in Informatics yet.

Currently I am working in a company owned by me and some friends, doing my own business. I can say I am a workaholic, working at the office, working at home, in the bed… working late at night… I can say I love my job. My moto is:


Even though I don’t have much free time, I like wasting it in watching movies, long walks, talking pictures or simply sleeping (I just can’t get enough) . It might be strange but I don’t watch TV at all, I have a big screen TV sitting in my apartment, 200+ channels Cable TV paid some 2 years in advance, but I can not remember the last time I turned the TV set on.

On the other hand, every night I fall asleep watching some of my favorite shows on my laptop.