Flash Gallery 0.2 beta released

Here is the new Flash Gallery 0.2 beta release some bugs fixed, a new concept and many more things to work on…

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  1. rayzo says:

    hello, i am try flashimagegallery.com script, is very similar to Flash Gallery, but the administration is very very easy online, in the future Flash Gallery have a similar administration?

  2. Andreas says:

    Nice! However, it would be nice to be able to change the text color.

  3. Paulo Carvalho says:

    Uber Cool!! Congrats for this awesome flash photo gallery!
    I just have a couple of comments of how IMO you could really improve your gallery:

    1 – During the transition the photo should not disappear abruptly and be replaced by the progress bar. Instead I would overlay the progress bar over the current photo and only after the next photo is fully loaded I would make the transition. Imagine the photo takes a long time to load. Then you would be stuck looking into a really boring progress bar, well… progressing… slooowly :) instead of a great looking photo.

    2 – In the gallery strip you could add a really cool and usable fisheye rollover effect like the one you can see in the YouTube movies embedded menu showing related movies. It’s even very simple to implement: just make the photo in the gallery strip under the mouse cursor bigger and the other photos decreasingly smaller as they are further away from the mouse cursor position.

    3 – You can even use this effect for scrolling the photo strip in a cool way: Scroll the gallery photo strip left or right as the mouse cursor is way from the center, to the left or right, respectively. The more the cursor is away from the center, the more speed is added to the scrolling. This way you add a few points in usability, since the user will no longer need to click to scroll left or right, achieving it by only using a more natural “mouseover” movement and allowing it to “scan” the photos in the photo strip in a much faster and natural way.

    4 – Finally, you could replace the progress bar with a more trendy circular web2.0 like progress indicator, like the one you see in these new AJAX applications all over the web.

    Well, that’s all! Thank you for “listening” and I wish you all the success to you and to your flash photo gallery.


  4. Alex says:

    What need be customized to get the same look as this product showcase:


  5. Jay says:

    You should consider a version with the source FLA so that the interface may be tailored to other users needs, that and eliminating the logo for a small fee. I’d love to use this software for our companies website since it’s clean and simple but I’m unable to because of this.

  6. Mick florey says:

    Jays idea is a very good one, a slight push to make a donation must be welcome. I would go for it! so long as it isnt too much ;-)

    I got this from source forge.

  7. Harvey Kes says:

    Is it possible to create links (URL) with the images? Such as if I click on it it will go to another page? That would be nice. We were going to do this for a wii baseball tournament/ facebook trash-talk scheme. Is there any way I can donate a couple of bucks for your cause? Ill app you have.

  8. Very nice work. Thanks a lot for this excelent code. I put a Flash Gallery in one of my jobs. Is very easy to use and admnistration….(sorry for my poor english)
    Bye from Trelew, Argentina.

  9. Alessandro says:

    Hi! Have you see my flash 3d gallery?

    I’m an italian developer, do you want to work with me ?

    visit my web site on:http://www.pisanialessandro.it/flash-3d


  10. feha says:

    Where is a “source code” ? FLA ?

    I do want to change read xml in to gallery2.xml but i can’t :-(

    can you provide input param option ? for desired name of xml file ?

  11. Johannes says:

    When will you release the source code for this? I want to contribute the development.


  12. Rob says:

    Any1 got any ideas for why the Large full screen slideshow doesnt work when it is clicked :( the rest of the gallery is awsome thanks so much.

    I agree I would happily pay to get the actual flash file for this and be able to tailor it to my site


  13. kiklop says:

    Great Job !!

    but i need to read images from php & Mysql.. :-/

  14. Ed Ludlow says:

    I like this a lot.

    In the html doc what should the param be TO scale the imasges? By default my images are not scaling even though they are saved as non progressive?

  15. RR Soares says:

    Great work… maybe some functions need be added, auto slideshow, an php file to generate the xml files, etc.

  16. Skyfi says:

    Hello :)
    First, big thanks for your work, i’ve implemented flashgallery in my site and its cool!

    some feature requests!

    1) Can you please make version without an arrow, which allows user to view image directly?

    2) It would be great if flash insertion would automaticaly resize itself according to showed image size.

    please, continue your work! it’s great!

  17. Some1 says:

    What about vertical images? ;-)
    Or atleast to be able to align vertical images to the center of the flash.

  18. MorganL says:

    I’ve searching for photo gallery slide show then I entered your site. It’s look simply but a bit cool and modern. I like the site, interface and especially downloadable free sources.

  19. unclecameron says:

    I am in the process of writing a php script that will easily edit the xml file and upload photos to the read directory, would you like the code to maybe include in the next release, or if people want to hack with it? Also I would be willing to pay for a version without branding and with the .fla

  20. jake says:

    how would i edit the xml file so that each of my images could hyperlink to a website url?

  21. Kevin says:

    I also am looking at the ability to change the path of the images xml file. The current setup has it set to be the root directory or broken which is something that should be fixed, as that is a programming logic error. It should be looking relative to the flash files own directory.

  22. Great little app,

    I trying to run it multiple time on a screen with different images for each instance of gallery.swf.

    I seem to get multiple instances but witk the same image library. I tried calling the object from a sub directory with its own library, no go.

    Any ideas? Nothing to freaky I am not a programmer


  23. DJ says:

    Great job and thank you.

    Very smooth and easy to use.

    Can’t wait for the later versions.

  24. Fabio says:

    Great work!
    But I’d like to know if is possible to change to size of your demo page (I’m not so good in this kind of work…) in 700×550 pixels and the size of gallery.swf file too without loosing parts of thumbnails or photos.
    Can you help me?

  25. LPTK says:

    Hi!! I download the last release of Flash Gallery and I need paste into my HI5, but i dont know how to!Please help me!!

    Hola, eh descargado la ultima version de Flash Gallery y necesito ponerlo dentro de mi HI5, pero no se como hacerlo!
    mejor dicho, cuando pongo el codigo no lo valida!
    Ayuda porfavor!

  26. Pat says:

    We’re looking for a gallery option for our website and this one has good potential. It is nice and simple and I have made a demo version with our headers and footers so it would fit well in our site.

    It would be nice to be able to remove the link and have it somewhere else on the page.

    It would be nice to be able to create multiple galleries. I could make my own menu but I need to be able to point the multiple image directories and xml files.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. Pat says:

    First, I prefer this demo version to the one with the thumbnails on the side.

    Second, I realize that I can make additional galleries by putting them in separate folders for each topic. Not the best solution but workable.

    Third, and for this I need some help, I have resized the gallery so it is smaller and fits in my site better but there is now a white space between the bottom of the gallery and the next portion of the content. Resizing has obviously not affected the overall dimensions in the flash files. Can this be changed or fixed?

    Fourth, moving the location of your logo would be helpful.

  28. Dione says:

    Very nice work you got,..

    i am thinking about php genereted xml content to integrate with your flash gallery… for a more dynamic purposes…. it seems the images.xml file is fixed inside your gallery.swf… or is there any other way which i do not know?? like adding xml path as flash parameter? or something like that…

  29. 212 says:

    Great product. Can the swf file be called via loadMovie in action script so as to embed it into another film?


  30. Gregg says:

    When will the source files be made available?

    I love the utility but want to integrate it into my own website. I would be willing to pay for such an ability.

  31. Jordi says:

    Is there anyway to change the color of the image description? I’ve set the background color to FFFFFF (White) and now I can’t see the text.

    Thanks a lot.

  32. JohnMelo says:

    Hey dude, just a quick comment & suggestion. Maybe it’d be better if you can put pictures with a different width than 800. Maybe like an autocenter function which isn’t actually a problem to write. It’ll make this great gallery even better. Thx man!

  33. Roland says:


    I’ve read, that your gallery is a multilingual, but I tested it with Russian and it didn’t see Cyrillic symbols :(
    Maybe I did something wrong? How should I put Russian text into description.
    If I just type it in – it shows me just various symbols instead of description. Moreover, he stops loading works after work with Russian description.
    Then I changed coding to Cyrillic (windows-1251), it changed my description to one square symbol, but at least, he started to load other works. Now I’m thinking, is it a problem of ActionScript (variables don’t support Cyrillic symbols) or this is another problem.

  34. Vetle B says:

    Hi dude, just want to say you made a great Gallery! Just that I would like a version like others where you have a auto center function aswell.

    Once again, great gallery!

  35. tony says:

    I am having problems with it. How do you make the images so they are either full screen or would I need to make all the images 800 by 600 or would is there a way to center the images.

    Just post back at my email.

    Thanks again, Great WORK!

  36. Claire says:

    Is this free for commercial-use?

  37. Ronald says:

    New ideas

    XML configuration.
    Position Thumbnail top, botton, left, right.
    Fullscreen and download pic “button” visible or not.

    XML pics URL in Flashvar or XML configuration for build xml with php


  38. Shara says:

    none of my images are loading. In the captions area, it says “Loading Gallery XML!” What am I missing?

    Thanks for your help!

  39. Tony says:

    Is it possible to add more than one gallery to a site? I have successfully setup one gallery but cannot manage to setup another one. Maybe I’m stupid, but everything I’ve tried just goes back to the original file. I have tried putting the files in another folder and linking to that to tell it that it’s a different gallery but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated. I want to setup a bunch of these on my site.

  40. Henry Nieves says:

    This is one of the sweetest Gallery I’ve seen, thanks so much..
    Just one question, I use Dreamweaver and when I preview everything, it works fine, when I try to upload it, there is nothing there. Do I need to remove everything from the folder when I upload it to the website, thanks.

  41. Justin says:

    Any chance we could get the .fla? I am like Jay and wish to use it but don’t want my site to look amateurish by having an ad for your site on there. I do believe you should get credit, could you include your name in like a right click menu, or hide it slightly in the code of the page?

  42. dave says:

    so this flash gallery is great … except i’m having problems. i’m getting a grey bar beside my images??? i want them to be centered in the flash viewer, but they all appear pressed to the left. is there a way to scale this?

    also, the background appears as grey, but i want it to show up as the same black as my site. anyway to change this?

    ~ Dave

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