Flash Gallery update coming soon…

Last night I’ve put some of my ideas for the new update of Flash Gallery on paper. Here are some of them.

  • Create a better, more modern looking interface for the Flash Gallery
  • Create a multi-gallery mode
  • PHP and MySQL based administration panel enabling users to manage galleries through a web based interface
  • Full screen mode
  • Slideshow option
  • Integrate Flickr RSS option

So, after putting this things as priorities for the development of the Flash Gallery, I think that there should be two versions of the Flash Photo Gallery, one simple for easy gallery deployment and one advanced with the web based interface.

I plan on releasing the simple one in few weeks due to some everyday work that has to be done.

8 Responses to “Flash Gallery update coming soon…”

  1. glove says:

    hey there, how’s the development coming along? can’t wait for the new one to come out :)

  2. la says:

    will you add a config file where we can choose the dimensions of the gallery, the size of thumbs and other sort of configs, just to make the gallery suitable for everyone’s needs .

  3. Thanks for these nice work…
    Thanks for sharing…

  4. freakx0 says:

    have you already added the functionality ‘Create a multi-gallery mode’ to the nice flash gallery?

  5. mick florey says:

    I have used this and it is brilliant.

    3 points:
    1. the link to the ‘flash gallery icon’ is now invalid. (http://flashgallery.asymbio.net/)

    2. The ‘click to activate’, I know you can use java sript to eliminate this, can you give a step/ step guide on this?

    3. Not too important, but there is quite a large gap between any title and the flash gallery itself!

    But fantastic work!!

  6. Jo says:

    Hi buddy, just showing some support wishing for the next better version to come up soon :-)

  7. devin says:

    good I waiting new update
    thank you you idea

  8. Oleg says:

    Hi there!
    Great work, I got a question, can one configure your Flash Gallery to be used within J2EE application, say Struts or other, to use dynamic content?
    I have written small foto db application in java, where I simply add fotos to db and extract exif tags, that later I can search for fotos. Now I’m searching for a viewer, I find your gallery nice and simple.

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