Flash Gallery update preview

Here is a development version to how will the new Flash Photo Gallery look and feel like. The navigation is changed and the viewing is improved.

Flash and XML Gallery NEW

There is a download link for the current image (will be configurable in the XML file) and some other improvements. Unfortunately this version is only for preview of what is really coming so expect the official release soon.

Take a look at the Flash Gallery Development Preview Demo!

13 Responses to “Flash Gallery update preview”

  1. Nicoinn says:

    First of all, congratulations for flashgallery, it’s rare to find something so small, simple and nice !

    It’s what I was searching for.

  2. Roy says:

    Hello, great work !!! I love your flash gallery very much…especially hear that you will add a multi-galleries function.

    may I give you a suggestion?

    will you able to add a Zoom in /out function when clicking on the photo? high definition quality photos will love to see this function.

    nice to meet you.


  3. Parag Baxi says:

    Amazing work! I’m happy to see this on sf.net. This can grow in many directions (automated XML file creator, ftp publisher).

  4. toper says:

    The gallery is really cool!

    If you add multi albums support & thumbnail mode like albums (bigger, multi-row thumbnails with zoom function) – it will be GREAT!

    Congrats! and keep on workin

  5. ElГ­as Coronado says:

    Great software.

    Now i just need a way to change the URL of the XML file to make a dynamic gallery with php :/, is there a way?.

  6. Mick florey says:

    Fantastic bit of software, very good. not quite got it right, but I will.

    I will REALY look forward to any enhancements.

  7. Albert Yung says:

    Neat and compact piece of codes.

    Any plan to accommodate foreign character set in the caption field. This is nice to have, please consider.

  8. Hi, very cool gallery. I want to use it in one of our Ruby On Rails community site projects, however I need a way to specify the location of XML file for the gallery. Is there a way to do it through parameters somehow ? Thx for a reply in advance!

  9. Leo says:

    Nice work on the flash gallery. Is it possible to get a version that doesn’t give the option to download the picture? I am looking for a gallery that simply gives a preview of copyrighted fotos.

  10. Suggan says:

    Hi, I also need to be able to set the path to the images.xml file to use for MyFlickr.org. Without such a parameter, I can’t use your movie.

    Thank you!

  11. ben says:

    hey there,

    so what if the images arent always big enough to fill the box? how can they be set to automatically center themselves in the box??


  12. Gary Spires says:


    I’m building a website for my radio station and would like to use your gallery program. I have seen another site where there was support for multi galleries, how is this done? Also can the phote download be stopped so members have to email for a copy?

    Great free gallery though.


  13. Gary Spires says:


    Just wondered how I can have this as a multiple gallery where you can choose from a menu. The website danceordie has this.



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