IBM ThinkPad Warranty – The things I didn’t know!

Last night I accidentally tripped over my audio cable, which at the time was connected to my laptop. So I broke my audio input… When I plugged the cable in the laptop speakers were still playing and no signal was delivered to my 2.1 sound system.

Next time I will try not to leave my cable laying on the ground … finally something went wrong with my ThinkPad…. I did it! I finally succeeded in hurting it.

So, the next morning I took it to the IBM Support Center to fix the problem. They took a look at the box, asked for the warranty. After 5 minutes or something, someone from the support told me that if the laptop was spilled with watter, coffee or something else… my warranty would not matter. I will have to pay like $700.00 + something else I didn’t get.

Wow, my ThinkPad has been spilled with coffee and I don’t know what else so many times I lost the count.

So why paying $700+ for a broken audio input… When you take you ThinkPad to a IBM/Lenovo Authorized Service Center they usually don’t fix anything … they replace it, and since the audio input is located on the motherboard, they replace the motherboard.

Thanks Good, it all went well, they didn’t notice the coffee spills and any other damage I and my girlfriend did on the ThinkPad, they replaced the motherboard and here I am, pumping my speakers at 4 AM…. May be it is time the neighbours call the Police.