XX reasons why I love my ThinkPad

1. It is a dark black box, no too heavy but heavy enough to hurt someone seriously if you hit him. (Self defence only or some annoying guy at the coffee machine).

I love my ThinkPad

2. Even though my girlfriend hates it and tried to “accidentally” jump on it… she has not succeeded yet. Next time she sees it in the bed she will “gently embrace it”, with her feet.

3. My ThinkPad loves coffee, just like me. It doesn’t bother how many times I spill my morning cup of coffee over it, it doesn’t complain, just likes the cold water showers after it. Coffee, anyone?

4. One day I and a friend of mine found a nice app that uses the Anti-Shock HDD driver to simulate the Star Wars lightsaber sound. We played for a while until the smash of the “lightsabers” crashed the two ThinkPads right on the ground…. Nothing … we picked them up and continued playing “Join the dark side”…

Here is a video showing how the ThinkPad Lightsaber thing looks like:

More for the ThinkPad Lightsaber here

5. Likes stying up late, making me company in almost every of my sleepless night… I am afraid of being alone in the dark… Mommy, I am scared … LOL

6. Only I am allowed to its innermost sacred places… just a little rubbing with my finger and it unlocks its secrets.

There are many other reasons but I am feeling too sleepy now…. We are gone watching Lost…..